Women in Action

  • Women’s Day eventWomen’s Day event
  • Women discussing the right way to raise a girl childWomen discussing the right way to raise a girl child

This programme focuses on the empowerment and emancipation of women by creating income generating initiatives and hosting women’s forums that discuss issues affecting women.

Many households in KwaMakhutha are run by women, it’s with this in mind that we initiated income generating programs that are led and run by women with the aim of providing a sustainable income for them. We currently run a successful egg hatching project with many other income generating programs in the pipeline.

Many women in KwaMakhutha are affected by gender based violence and unemployment. We hold Women’s Forums and invite important stakeholders to better understand the issues faced by the women in KwaMakhutha.

The Department if Labour is invited to find ways to intervene by creating jobs that are suited for the women of KwaMakhutha.  The local South African Police Service representatives are also invited to discuss ways to accommodate women when they are reporting sensitive cases. The Commission for Gender Equality comes to our forums to remind women about their rights and to motivate them. Local leaders and church leaders play a huge role in these forums as they offer spiritual guidance

Our women welcome these forums and income generating programs with open arms.