Our primary objective is to improve lives by assisting our community to gain access to justice and government services as we continuously advocate for human rights and democracy. Equality, integrity and responsiveness are the values that we hold close to our hearts.

We do this by being truly community based, having responsive and effective programmes, and working with partners.

 We employ community members who work with, and for, the community.

Our 90 Ambassadors conduct home visits within our community to identify human rights cases, assist the sick, and offer a helping hand where needed. The Ambassadors report back to the Centre where the Paralegal Desk and Management intervene to find solutions. The feedback from the Ambassadors helps us to get first hand information on the challenges within the community and we then develop programmes to tackle these issues.

We work under an umbrella of programmes that are closely linked.

We have strategically formed close working relations with other civil society organisations, parastatals and government departments to ensure that KwaMakhutha’s standard of living is improved. 

Stakeholder engagement meetings are held regularly with various representatives from different government departments with the objective of addressing the challenges our residents have with their services and discussing ways we can better serve our community. Since signing a memorandum of understanding with these departments, we work hand in hand in tackling the challenges in our community.

We have developed meaningful partnerships that work to address household and community concerns. This includes helping to mediate conflict between neighbours and community members where issues arise.

Our success lies in our unwavering resilience and passion for the community we live in and work for. We go over and above the call of duty, and even with limited resources we make strides in improving lives. The positive changes in our fellow community members remind us that it is all worth it.

From humble beginnings, we are growing steadily and improving lives through our various interactive programs.

We love our community and most of all we love creating an impact that has a positive ripple effect on KwaMakhutha and the surrounding areas.