Success stories like Lindokuhle’s are testament that entrepreneurship and sharing knowledge are key ways to tackle unemployment and poverty.

“I am a proud breadwinner” – Lindokuhle

Lindokuhle Mkhize is one of many entrepreneurs who are part of our Income Generation programme. She built a chicken coup in her backyard to sell chickens she bought from the egg hatching business set up by our Centre. “I started selling chickens because poverty was crippling my family”, Lindokuhle said.

Women that are part of the egg hatching business assisted Lindokuhle by sharing their expertise about the business. They educated her about nurturing the chicks into fully grown chickens to resell. With this new found knowledge, Lindokuhle buys the chicks when they are just a few days old and she rears them to resell for a considerable profit.

Lindokuhle’s children are now part of her flourishing business and they are learning important business skills. “I am confident that my children and grandchildren can take the business further”, she proudly said.

The success of her business continues to inspire residents and reminds them that with the right amount of determination and information we can go a long way to changing our lives.

We are serious about tackling poverty and unemployment in our community. Do you have any tips on how we can win this fight? Feel free to share your ideas and stories